Kung-Fu & Chi Kung Studio

A full-time studio in Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, this 70sq/m training facility offers clients bespoke training packages through kung-fu and chi kung practices.

With over 20 years in the martial arts not only do we teach self-defence and conflict management skills through the Wing Chun Dynamics system but we also use our unique skills to aid clients with personal resilience, mental strength & well-being, stress management and mental focus.

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mental resilience & physical well-being centre

Mental focus and personal resilience is equally as important in our training as the physical exercise and conditioning. By using the martial art of Wing Chun Dynamics and the ancient practices of
Iron Shirt Chi Kung we condition the body while simultaneously training the mind.

We appreciate that life can be tough; the daily stresses and pressures of modern life mean can be mentally and physically draining and ours years of training and experience mean we help our clients cultivate and maintain a positive mindset.



We know that we are good at what we do, and that what we do is very effective.

Don’t just take our word for it check out the client testimonials below:

Andrew Fox

I have been doing Wing Chun Dynamics for 5 years and can say Master Neil is an excellent teacher.Training at the centre at Streetly is awesome; it is a great facility with everything there you need to master yourself. I would highly recommend it master neil will help you achieve your goals.

Paul Wrightson

Having trained in Wing Chun Dynamics Kung Fu for 9 years with Sifu Neil Barker, I feel qualified to recommend the training and guidance he provides.
The Kung-Fu and Chi Gung training will put you on the road you’ve been looking for and Sifu Neil Barker’s studio is an Alladin’s Cave of training equipment.
Check it out.

D Peter

Has really helped me in my mental health, particularly dealing with stress. I have developed my skills/understanding greatly in Wing Chun Dynamics, through the teaching provided, which also impacts on many other areas of life.

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