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Mental focus and personal resilience is equally as important in our training as the physical exercise and conditioning. By using the martial art of Wing Chun Dynamics and the ancient practices of
Iron Shirt Chi Kung we condition the body while simultaneously training the mind.

We appreciate that life can be tough; the daily stresses and pressures of modern life mean can be mentally and physically draining and ours years of training and experience mean we help our clients cultivate and maintain a positive mindset.



We know that we are good at what we do, and that what we do is very effective.

Don’t just take our word for it check out the client testimonials below:

Paul Wrightson

Having trained in Wing Chun Dynamics Kung Fu for 9 years with Sifu Neil Barker, I feel qualified to recommend the training and guidance he provides.
The Kung-Fu and Chi Gung training will put you on the road you’ve been looking for and Sifu Neil Barker’s studio is an Alladin’s Cave of training equipment.
Check it out.

Vim Matharu-Dean

Having Neil Barker as our Sifu has had a significant impact on our group. Neil is a superb teacher, he is very perceptive, self aware, offers empathy, is a fantastic motivator. When a student is learning under Neil Barker, I can confidently state that his innate ability to understand and manage emotions is very powerful and as a result, when he imparts knowledge, it is received in a very effective way. Learning a new skill at any stage in life is rarely easy, Neil is patient and clear in his teaching style and this engenders confidence within the student and a creates a safe learning environment.

D Peter

Has really helped me in my mental health, particularly dealing with stress. I have developed my skills/understanding greatly in Wing Chun Dynamics, through the teaching provided, which also impacts on many other areas of life.

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