Chi Kung

Anxiety? Stress? Depression? We have all, at some point in our lives experienced negative emotions such as these. They are perfectly valid states of being that if managed correctly form part of the balance for a healthy life. It is when these feelings and states of mind are out of balance that problems can occur affecting our physical and mental well-being.

Using a series of exercises based on the ancient chinese practice of Chi Kung, it is possible to alter and therefore manage our state of being to attain and then maintain a balanced, and more preferential state for our body and mind. These practices combine physical exercises and breathing techniques to cultivate and harness our bodies natural energies in order to help maintain a healthy balance for both mind and body.

An intellectual understanding of Chi Kung is not as important as the experience. Chi Kung is something that a person has to do in order to know what the experience is and what it feels like. Through Chi Kung practice the body and mind can be returned to it’s natural state with the practitioner left feeling calm, clear, relaxed, centred and aware. This desirable state is defined as the Chi Kung state or “kung-focus”.

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