One of the best forms of self-defence is to not be there. To avoid violent situations and escape if possible.

But what if that is not an option? If the worst possible scenario should unfold then it is equally important to be able to cope with the adrenaline, fear and shock associated with confrontation. The best techniques in the world are rendered useless if a victim freezes through fear.

Our self-defence programmes utilise practical, real world applications of Wing Chun Dynamics kung-fu, an efficient and effective martial art that has been refined over thirty years training in the martial arts and conflict management.

We look at all aspects of of self-defence including:

  • Conflict Management
  • Stance, footwork and range
  • Line-Up
  • Controlling the pre-fight
  • Physical Intervention

Self-protection is an art and science all of its own. A great martial artist who completes a traditional syllabus wont necessarily be proficient in the art of self-protection.

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