Sifu Neil Barker

Neil Barker is an expert in the field of kung-fu psychology.  Following years of intensive training as an indoor student of Wing Chun Dynamics’ founder Master Dave Taylor, he began his career as a full time kung-fu instructor in 2012.

In the years since Neil first qualified as a Wing Chun Dynamics Instructor, he has continued to develop both his kung-fu knowledge and also his knowledge of self with further achievements being made possible through the confidence and belief his training has given him, including

  • Awarded black sash with honours in 15 Treasures Golden Bell Chi Kung, making him one of a select few to be recognised at this level outside the temples of China.
  • Opened full-time kung-fu studio in Bewdley, offering clients private tuition in Wing Chun Dynamics Kung-Fu and also guided Kung Focus sessions using Golden Bell Chi Kung techniques.
  • The first of Master Taylor’s students to be awarded Instructor level in, and granted permission to teach Golden Bell Chi Kung.

Through his continued study in both Kung-Fu and Chi Kung, Neil has come to understand the deeper aspects of Chinese martial arts and that kung-fu is not simply about fighting. Neil stresses that when correctly applied, Wing Chun Dynamics is an extremely effective self-defence system but kung-fu is also about fortifying the mind and body to promote good physical health and mental well-being.

Ultimately, to master kung-fu is to master oneself through dedication and diligent training. Kung-fu teaches the individual to understand themselves and strengthen both the body and the mind. Training to discover and master the self allows the individual to cultivate a positive attitude in an increasingly negative world; this, above all else is what Neil aims to pass on to his students.

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